2019 Royal Ball in Steampunk Style!

2018 Krewe de L 'Ecore

Winter Wonderland

Royal Court

​Krewe de L’Ecore began 20 years ago and continues to be a fun, family oriented krewe that knows any occasion can be a celebration when we get together.  This year we hope to make that happen often with a social event each month leading up to the Royal Ball and Mardi Gras festivities.  Family day, Trivia night, Karaoke social, camping, Halloween party, and Christmas sweater party are just a few that will be coming up before the Mardi Gras Season 2019 and we are excited about making memories all year!  Our Petite Krewe de L’Ecore members are another big part of what makes us so great.  Each year our members can include their little ones to be a part of Louisiana Mardi Gras and so much more.   They have their very own Halloween costume party to share with friends they invite, as well as a night to shine at our Kid’s Christmas Ball.​  

Krewe de L'Ecore's 2nd Annual Champagne Bingo was a big hit this year.  These ladies brought the party and the guys kept it going.  Thank you to all who helped make it such a fun success! 

1998 - Now

​It’s Celebration time!!

Krewe de L’Ecore is entering into it’s 20th year! This year we get to look back and celebrate what all began in 1998. We are very grateful for all our members who have been a part of the last 2 decades and are excited to keep it all going with another great year!

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